Belt sizing

Please remember that a belt is often worn below the waist and so a waist measurement may not be accurate.

  • EITHER take a belt you wear often and measure from the end of the buckle to the most worn hole. 
  • OR put on your favourite trousers and run a tape measure inside the belt loops around your body. 

Our belt measurements are taken from the tip of the buckle to the middle of 5 holes. If you choose the size closest to the measurement you have taken, you will have a little flexibility. 

Tip: If you are worried, choose a slightly larger size as the belts can all be made smaller following the simple instructions which we include with your purchase.

As a guide: 

Measurement  Size
Size 80 cm  Ladies small, approximately UK size 8-10
Size 90 cm Ladies medium approximately UK size 12-14 Mens small
Size 100cm Ladies large. Mens medium
Size 115cm Ladies extra large. Mens large


Please note only the suede belts and the chunky leather belts are available in size 115cm.