What is Dollaro leather?

Dollaro leatherWhat is Dollaro leather?

Dollaro leather is the Italian name for a style of stamped leather known as pebble grain leather or 'pebbled' leather. The surface of the leather has been stamped to replicate a naturally occuring skin texture. By stamping the pattern, the leather surface has a more uniform appearance over the whole hide than would occur naturally, which means that there is less wastage when it comes to cutting out the products. We use cow hide Dollaro in our range.

When is Dollaro leather used?

We use Dollaro leather for our crossbody and clutch bags which are designed to be used daily. We also use it for straps, zip pulls and details on bags where the main body of the bag is made from a more delicate or decorative leather. We use it in our range of smaller accessories as well because it is so versatile.

What are the qualities of Dollaro leather that make it so versatile?

  • Dollaro leather is pretty hard wearing, it stands up well to the stresses of everyday life.
  • If you get caught in the rain, your bag can be wiped dry with a cloth without any visible damage and it doesn't absorb dirt easily.
  • It feels smooth to the touch and is therefore comfortable in your hand when carrying your bag or closing the zip.
  • The surface finish means that it doesn't transfer colour onto your hands or shirt (although colour transfer may happen with inferior Dollaro qualities).
  • Our supplier has a rainbow of available colours and because the leather is coloured during the process of stamping it, he is able to produce the leather with remarkable colour consistency. 

What are the downsides of Dollaro leather?

Like all leathers, the quality available in the market place can vary hugely which can affect the durability and beauty of the leather. Price is often an indicator of quality. Thankfully we have been using our Dollaro leather for many years and we're very satisfied that we have found a wonderful quality at a really good price.

Shown below are a couple of bags in our range made from Dollaro leather:

Mid Blue Dollaro Viola crossbody bag and Gold Dollaro Forget Me Not clutch bag.

Light gold dollaro clutch bag