Summer Party Time!


Garden parties, flower shows, weddings, the races - It’s a lovely time of year to dress up in something pretty and strut your stuff!

We caught up with milliner Amy Morris-Adams, busy stitching fabulous creations for Ascot, and asked her about colours and styles that she is seeing this year.

Amy loves the dashes of fuchsia pink and royal blue around at the moment as well as lots of silver to go with a range of colours such as navy, green or greys. Blocks of colour are popular amongst her younger clients and an outfit can include up to four blocks of colour in each of the hat, the bag, the shoes and the dress.

In terms of style she is seeing all sorts of shapes and sizes, often worn on the side of the head with flowers or feathers sitting against the other side of the head under the hat. She is dyeing lots of parasisal straw for block colours and where she wants to combine colours she uses layers of sinamay. These are often combined with small bags, clutch style or with delicate handles or straps – more decoration for holding the essentials (lipstick and keys), rather than for carrying the kitchen sink in!

If a client wants a black hat, she always encourages them to add a touch of colour which reflects how we feel at Fioriblu “Live life in colour!”

If you are interested in contacting Amy, do visit her website and see some of her pictures on Instagram at @amyhatsmillinary