Reflections - colour, light and texture in nature

As we’re currently seeing the annual evolution of the changing of our seasons going deep into autumn before winter for real comes, we’re musing about the wonders of colours, light reflections and differing textures we are seeing in nature around us.

 Warm burnt oranges, browns, yellows set against the sky of deepening blues; plants and gardens glistening with the initial frosts of the season and trees heavy with red berries.  While reflecting on this natural beauty of this variety of differing colours, glistening, sparkling and contrasting textures, light reflections bouncing off many surfaces we wish to introduce you to Tara Hamilton Glassware a small independent business like ourselves. 

 Tara Hamilton was founded by Julia Ely who trained as a diamond point engraver and is the Chief Designer at Tara Hamilton.  She has created this beautifully curated range of glassware which is either unadorned or engraved with unique designs from nature or indeed you can also commission bespoke lettering on many of her pieces in the collection.  Julia’s artistic brilliance and taste shines through the range of champagne flutes, wine glasses, tumblers, jugs, decanters, bowls, candlesticks, plates and more.

Speaking with Julia about her business we have found parallels with our thinking at Fioriblu.  We all have concerns about the current throwaway nature of society and about fast fashion - both Tara Hamilton glassware and Fioriblu leather products have been designed with longevity in mind and an appreciation of quality with realistic affordability.  The comparisons don’t stop there either – we all love how colour, light, reflections and textures all ‘dance’ and ‘sing’ together creating positivity and fun, sparkle and shine! One additional little parallel is some of Tara Hamilton’s glass comes from Italy too.

Julia says of glass, “Its beauty and sparkle with reflected light make it one the most special materials we enjoy today.”

We encourage you to follow Tara Hamilton on social media on Instagram: and check out the website: .

(Photo: Orange Hebe Bag with Comtess Champagne glass)