On the wild side

We have to say, if you love African wildlife, you will love Nathalie’s work. She captures wonderful moments from the wild including a massive bull elephant standing on its two back legs reaching up into the trees to find a tasty branch and a lioness keeping watch over the grassy plains of the Serengeti from a cool rocky kopje. You’ll find beautiful graphic black and white pictures of zebra and golden sun drenched elephants. Details of her exhibition are on the invitation and we would heartily recommend a visit. NB 10% of all the proceeds from the exhibition will be divided between Big Life UK and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

We are proud to say that Nathalie is a regular Fioriblu handbag carrier and uses her Navy Hebe bag to carry her precious computer! 



"I use this bag all the time as it’s the perfect size to carry my laptop and other computer accessories. I love the length of the handle which is long enough to put over my shoulder so carrying it is really comfortable and easy."

www.natmountainphoto.com   Instagram: @nathaliemountain   Facebook: @natmountainphoto