Meet our stockists - who's behind the camera?

The Corona virus has caused previously unimaginable changes to all our lives. During this period of lock down and social distancing we have been wondering what we could do to support our lovely stockists and so we thought we would give them the chance to introduce themselves. 

We begin with a fabulous girl who has been stocking our belts and bags from the beginning and we LOVE what she does:



So, who are you?

I'm Jax Meehan, owner/buyer for Jax Jeans.


What would be your ‘elevator pitch’?

We are an independent boutique with an eclectic mix of brands which are based on 'elegant with an edge’, something a bit different but with timeless style.


Can customers still shop with you and if so how? 

Everything is online at, you can email any questions to, or follow us on Instagram for more information via the grid and stories and message us at any time there re fabrics, fits and styling.


What is the best thing about this lock down as far as you personally are concerned?

 Definitely a slower pace of life and more quality time with the family whilst still being able to keep the business going and a bit of time to do all the pesky tasks that you never get around to in the house!


There is plenty of time to read a good book – can you recommend one?

 Yes another upside!  I am reading a series of books called ’The Seven Sisters’ by Lucinda Riley, I am about to start book 5 of the series although you don't need to read them in order, it’s a fabulous series that explores the origins of 7 adopted girls and takes you all over the world and I love them! I actually spent 4 hours reading one on Saturday night as I didn’t want to watch the rubbish films my family were watching! Bliss!  


How about a good film? 

I love thoughtful, beautiful films, Out of Africa or The English Patient but I rarely get to watch those at home as they don't have any guns in them!! A bit boy heavy in our family! 


Tell us about any exciting plans for the future in the business.

 Well the other advantage of this time is that I have been wanting to make more of our online opportunities and this slow down is giving me the time and space. We will hopefully put together a new even better website in the near future which people will be also be able to shop straight from instagram @jaxjeans.


Thank you Jax! When we are free to travel again, do go and visit her shop in the Barrs Yard shopping courtyard, on Bath Road in Hungerford (RG17 0HD).