Exciting Times - New Designs!

Hooray! - the deliveries of new stock are rolling in from Italy so we thought you might like a peak at our design process.

Where does the inspiration come from?

In short....anywhere! Our lovely friends and customers tell us what they like (and don't) about their own bags, our range, and ones they've seen elsewhere, sometimes pulling out a much beloved bag which is sadly no longer its once glorious self, to ask us for something similar.

We are bagaholics (that should actually be a word!) and so we spend a lot of time looking at what other people are carrying as well as looking at handbags in glossy magazines to see where the trends are heading and we even go rummaging in my mother-in-laws closet (yes really! - a treasure trove!).

So what next?

Well... after lots of coffee, discussion, more coffee and sometimes a glass of wine, we try to put our thoughts on paper and come up with a design, measurements and colour ideas.

We ask ourselves whether we love it and if it has that little something that makes it a Fioriblu bag - you know, the thing that when people see it, makes them say "oooh" (in a good way!): a dash of unexpected colour, a delicious texture, elegant simplicity.

A bit more coffee and some pads of graph paper later, its off to Italy with our plans in our bags to brief our lovely suppliers. We pore over leather colour cards and discuss the details from stitching to metalwork.

A few weeks later, its back to Florence and a chance to see our designs as prototypes, the first samples. This is always so exciting and there are inevitably some small changes and decisions to make.

Then it's off to production with our fingers and toes tightly crossed. And here we are, awaiting the new stock.... We hope you will like it!