Adjust your belt

Oh goodness the weeks go flying by and I haven't posted on the blog is far too long. Anyway, apologies!

I just wanted to share a short video of how to cut your belt down to size if it is too big for you. Sometimes just watching a demonstration is easier. I'm sorry that this was filmed in a vertical format - novice mistake! We do also include instructions on a postcard with every belt sold.

 To summarise:

1. Undo the screw by the buckle (making sure to keep the screw and the back part that it screws into).

2. Cut the belt to the required length with some strong kitchen scissors.

3. Use off-cut as template to position new hole and mark with a pencil.

4. Use a leather punch (or alternatively a hammer and a nail) to make a new hole.

5. Put the belt back together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email