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Summer Party Time!

  Garden parties, flower shows, weddings, the races - It’s a lovely time of year to dress up in something pretty and strut your stuff! We caught up with milliner Amy Morris-Adams, busy stitching fabulous creations for Ascot, and asked her about colours and styles that she is seeing this year. Amy loves the dashes of fuchsia pink and royal blue around at the moment as well as lots of silver to go with a range of colours such as navy, green or greys. Blocks of colour are popular amongst her younger clients and an outfit can include up to four blocks of colour in each of the hat, the bag, the shoes and the dress. In terms of style...

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Love Flowers! Happy National Flowers Week!

It's National Flowers Week and we blooming love flowers! Our name 'Fioriblu' means blue flowers in Italian. Why flowers? Well, because they are all about colour, interesting shapes and silhouettes, beautiful textures and of course wonderful smells. They are sensuous and precious. We name all our bags after British or Italian flowers and love thinking up names for the new styles as they come in. This year, look out for the Primrose and Sweet Pea bags.  (Handbag featured in the picture is a Crocus bag)

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Exciting Times - New Designs!

Hooray! - the deliveries of new stock are rolling in from Italy so we thought you might like a peak at our design process. Where does the inspiration come from? In short....anywhere! Our lovely friends and customers tell us what they like (and don't) about their own bags, our range, and ones they've seen elsewhere, sometimes pulling out a much beloved bag which is sadly no longer its once glorious self, to ask us for something similar. We are bagaholics (that should actually be a word!) and so we spend a lot of time looking at what other people are carrying as well as looking at handbags in glossy magazines to see where the trends are heading and we even...

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